Can I speak to your manager please? Made with an oild inspired by Angel perfume. This is the perfect silly gifr for any aspiring Karen. Comes with a free Crown. Cos why the fuck not.


Gluten free and a mask shunner. Buy now. Selling like hot cakes...who the fuck buys hot cakes though?

SKU: 364215376135199

    Angel Type Fragrance Oil has been specially formulated to release a wonderful combination of delightful scents and provides a strong and prominent smell associated with lemon, bergamot and orange zest. This initial aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of jasmine, cacao and lilac. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a wonderful trace aftertaste of creamy amber, patchouli, mossy notes, vanilla and tonka bean


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