I Miss You

I Miss You


Luxury Velvet Rose and Oud. Boxed, Double Wooden wicked. I miss you. Original Material. 


45 Hours Burn. Soya Wax. Eco friendly packaging. The polystyrene type peanut packaging dissolves in water


Like Nemo and Bambi miss their Mum

Like Trump misses twitter

Like a disco diva misses throwing shapes

Like Carl misses Ellie

Like Rose misses Jack

Like a cow misses its moo

Like kung misses its fu

Like Bert misses Ernie

Like a hamster misses its wheel

Like a drag queen misses heels

Like a cracker misses cheese

Like Brad misses Jen (fuck you Brad)

A warm oud and velvet rose scent that

smells like a hug off a loved one

Light this candle and play Vera Lynn's We'll Meet again