Fuck theTories

Fuck theTories


For Lols and scousers and people who don't like Jacob. 


Comes with a free twat hat and is also expertly handmade by Liveprools Number on gay comedian. 


Made with natural ingredients and essential oils


This warm, sweet almost vanilla like tonka scent has an undertone of tabaco which lends itself to being a more masculine fragrance.  A sumputous, rich and spicy fragrance with sweet top notes of vanilla and cinamon that are beutifully paired with mids of cinamon, almond and cloves and a subtle underpinning of tobaco.


We've used the highest quality and most expensive ingredients, more complex blends of ingredients and a far more concentrated mix, all meaning that these will be much stronger and more rounded fragrances.  


45 hours plus Burn time


Comes Boxed




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