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I'm floating about. Might be hungover though. Love a wine babe

Mon - thursi: 9am - 4pm Chocker!
Fri-Might be on a date
Sat: Lockdown. Message if ya fancy
Sunday: Hungover. Leave a message.


Hey Lockdown Hunz

this is Eddie Fortune Candles! The photo below represents 2020/21, utter shite. Below you will see all my hand crafted designs, absolutely daft but gorgeous candles I made in my mums tiny kitchen. All soya, all made with blood sweat and wine tears. Check them out.



Store Manager LMAO

Eddie is a professional comedian who makes candles cos life got fucking tough. Check him out. Google him and be scarred for life.


About Eddie the Comedian Candle Man

My Story

Since 1948 Eddie has been making candles...Jokes. A fucking Global Pandemic hit, we went into lockdown 4 days after my birthday, the day I was dumped by txt by a wool. A few months later after losing every gig on earth I decided to make a few candles. Seeing so many candles on the market promising to find you tranquility and your 9th chakra somewhere inside vaginal core I decided to change it up. I put my own comedy into each candle and personalised them for people. Making people laugh is my priority. Some even cried. I just want these candles to bring someone, somewhere, A smile.

mums wash.jpg

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